About Us

About Luft Env

We are a home-grown leading laboratory planner, designer, consultant and constructor operating actively in the science, petro-chemical, semi-conductor, life-healthcare, pharmaceutical, food, nutrition and bio-medical industries.

Incorporated in 2011, Luft Env Technologies has grown in folds and has steadily earned the trust of clienteles from both private (MNCs) and public (Government Agencies) sectors.

What We Do

Provide Innovative Designs

We support our clients by producing designs that meet their operational needs and align with local laboratory statutory codes, international guidelines and best practices. We also ensure their facilities are constructed to the highest quality and completed as promised in our discussed design.

Forge Long-term Relationships

Our clients enjoy smooth and continuous operation of their facilities through regular servicing and maintenance of their laboratories.

Create A Safe Workplace

Our goal is to ensure zero operation downtime due to unintended failure that could breach laboratory safety protocols. We believe that laboratories should be well-designed, properly constructed and regularly maintained to provide a safe workplace to protect both people and products.

Our Mission

  • To stay updated and maintain our sharpness and edge in laboratory design and its requirements, we constantly upgrade our skills and knowledge by regularly participating in workshops and training organised by local and foreign organisations and institutions.

  • We aim to bring higher value to our clients in terms of sustainability and efficacy through cultivating state-of-art technologies and modern designs in our work.

  • We are committed to improving our know-how to enhance our delivery and performance.

Our Approach

Design Philosophy

Beyond aesthetics and functionality, our approach provides an all-rounded vision in the designing process to better guide both clients and ourselves to comprehend, visualise and experience the eventual design outcome.

Design & Assurance

Our design approach is a meticulous journey that allows for constant reviews. Combined with visualisation and prototyping of the agreed design, the process allows for early detection of issues, verification of planning efficiencies and avoidance of costly abortive and re-work processes. These form our assurance in meeting the project objectives.

Our Clientele