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Luft Env Technologies is a home-grown leading laboratory planner, designer, consultant and constructor operating actively across a range of industries and providing clients with high quality laboratory products and services.

Innovative Design

We help clients plan, design and construct their laboratories to the highest standard as promised.

Long Term Relationships

We forge long-term relationships with our clients by ensuring the smooth and continuous operation of their laboratories.

Safe Workplace

We believe in offering well-designed, properly constructed and regularly maintained laboratories to provide a safe workplace for its people and products.

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Chlorine Dioxide (CLO2 ) decontamination system from USA

  • Gas as fumigant for high penetration rate
  • No cleaning required, no labour cost
  • High turnaround time, operation downtime minimised


Contamination control isolators from France

  • Total protection for product, personnel & environment
  • Ergonomic and highly versatile design
  • Suitable for aseptic work & containment process


Airflow controllers and monitoring system from UK

  • Airflow Controllers for VAV systems
  • Airflow Monitors for CAV systems
  • Auto Sash Controllers for fume cupboards