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Decontamination Service

Luft Env Technologies provides decontamination services for routine or single-time events.  Whether it is for contamination response or preventative decontamination of new or existing facilities, Luft Env adopting ClorDiSys' technology to generate chlorine dioxide gas allows the decontamination of your facility all at once, with minimal equipment and minimal downtime.  Gaseous systems provide the ability to achieve complete distribution and penetration to all surfaces within your facility, including cracks and crevices, which other methods (vapors, mists or fogs) cannot promise.

Only gaseous decontamination agents offer effective decontamination against life threatening organisms in a non-ideal setting.  These are the only agents that are truly effective in areas that are difficult to reach such as floor drains, HVAC grills, beneath furniture and components, inside of cabinets, hinges, instruments and components, and other difficult to reach areas.  Chlorine dioxide gas is non-carcinogenic, residue-free, and safer on materials than bleach, ozone, hydrogen peroxide, and common liquid chlorine dioxide solutions.